Blog Post #1

First Steps

D.B.Sinclair 12/20/22

I'm writing this post before the site even comes up. The thought of this being read by anyone with any true interest is terrifying. A good terrifying though, like standing at the edge of a cliff ready to jump into the clear waters below. I hope it all comes together and works well, but even more than that I hope people enjoy the work. I guess I equate it all to the first time you sing before a crowd. You're not going to please everyone. Maybe you didn't pick the right song, or your voice cracked. Maybe you couldn't quite hit that pitch, and your voice fails at the high note. Despite that though, you got up and sang. That's more than most can say. 

I hope this reaches the right crowd of people. I'm still working my 9-5 and working on the projects when I can. I am nearly done with Tyrant, and I hope to finish Alabaster Doves and Modern Gods quickly after launching the site.  I'm also waiting on content from some friends and family that have expressed interest in publishing on the site.

Hopefully this is the first of many posts that I add on here. More of a development diary than anything else. Starting a business is difficult. I'm sure a large part of me will wonder what it would have been like to publish through traditional publishing houses.

This is my way, though. My beginning to something new and exciting. A place to bank my thoughts and dreams and watch myself grow through the lens of my writing. I guess now I should explain the process I go through when I write. 

I used to wait until inspiration to write, but when it wasn't there I'd let my work just float around my waking dreams like ice in a drink. Now I see it more as a skill to get through the day. Another expression. Another poem. Another attempt at drawing something out of myself, and hopefully someone can feel the thoughts beyond the words. Its like putting a puzzle together without all the pieces. I give you as many as I can stand, and I hope you see the bigger picture.

Here's to us and the first steps into this endeavor. Cheers.