Just a Matter of Time

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Life is hard for Honey Griffin. As she struggles to stay alive due to a chronic heart condition, her parents' relationship has fallen apart, leaving her without much of a home, or any friends for that matter. All Honey wants is to live out the rest of her short life peacefully. But her wish is far from granted when her heart surgeon, and life-long friend, convinces her to escape the city and move to a small town on the edge of the world, Breakers Bay, to receive one final surgery that could either save her life or doom it.

What Honey doesn't know is that the town, and all the friends she makes on the way, are not what they seem at first glance. Finding solace and knowledge in her late grandmother's fairytale books, Honey discovers that when she steps into the small town, she inadvertently immerses herself in the world of the Fae, who challenges her to view life from a different perspective. Throughout her stay in the sleepy coastal town, Honey discovers for herself what it s that she lives for, and whether it's enough to want to survive her death date.

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