Blog Post #10


Fifteen years in the making and it is finally here! I am quite happy with the final product. It is better then anything I ever jotted down with little sketches and very rough drafts in journals and notebooks that were meant for school. 

I couldn't really see this book turning out any other way. Will I always want to improve it? Yes, 100%. However, at some point I have to let it go. It has to take on a life of its own, and I believe I achieved that. It's beautiful, flawed, and the best effort I have ever put into anything in my life. I love and hate every piece of it just as much as I love and hate every bit of myself.

Tyrant is a love letter to everyone that has ever believed in me. It is a construct of who I was at the time, and the best of my efforts to create a world full of the strange, but also the familiar. 

It may paint a picture of someone with a very cynical view of the world, but hopefully by the time the whole series is complete, that won't be the case. The light shines brightest in the dawn.