Blog Post #11


First full month of my book being available. I knew marketing and footwork was going to be difficult, and unfortunately it has risen beyond my expectations. 

The work still doesn't feel like work, thankfully. People are generally supportive when you approach them. They see the passion and the work you have created and it is acknowledged. However, seeing it and immersing yourself in the creation are two different things. 

I promise it is worth it. These projects are born from passionate people. But don't let me convince you. Let the work speak for itself. I promise it is worth it.

Let me change gears for a bit. I am excited to work on new projects and new beginnings. November has always been good to me, and I have made some realizations this month. The cold in the morning has brought some clarity to my heart and mind, and I am thankful for that. Work is good, I am healthy, and I have so much to do. 

Here's to us. Here's to continued growth.