Blog Post #2


I'm in the final editing phase for Tyrant and the reality is setting in. I'm almost there. I'm also awaiting on some other works to be completed to flesh out the site and add content. The more the merrier at this point, as I see all of it as more advertising opportunities. More credence is given to a project the more people are involved. More people, more at stake. 

There are a few companies I would like to model this one after, but as it grows I hope this company gains an identity. I would like people to read works from this site and know they are from this site without any further indication. I want to achieve a level of quality with every title, but I'm sure that is not unique. 

What makes Fall Crown different? How do these things differ from everybody else? I guess these are questions I will have to answer and defend as time goes on. My answers for now I guess are that no other company is ran or contributed to by myself. I hope my voice is enough to define it, at least for the first few years of its existence. 

Another would be the quality of writing. We hope to bring what we put out in the world. I guess in reality it all starts with me, and patience is needed for something as sensitive and personal as someone's writing. The utmost decorum will be needed for such business, especially as my clientele will be mostly friends and family for the first few titles. 

If any of you all are reading this, thank you for your trust with your work. You won't regret it. I promise.