Blog Post #3


I have begun the beginning stages of a new project, as well as a fleshing out others.  Luckily I still thoroughly enjoy the work, and am looking forward to getting better as time goes on. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to writing. I can always improve.

I joined more writing communities in the past week. I've already learned so much from the process of hiring an editor. It's clear the industry is very saturated, but hopefully the quality speaks for itself. I need to get that word out of my vernacular. "Hopefully". There is no "hopefully". It will. 

The quality of the work will speak for itself, and then I will do more.

I'm considering going back to school as well. Weirdly enough I miss the work, but most of all the feeling of building yourself. Surrounding yourself with people striving to create something  out of their experiences and imaginations. 

I hope to create a place for creatives to bounce off of each other. Make more. Be more!

Let's make something great together. This site isn't just for my own dreams and aspirations. 

Here's to us,