Blog Post #6


Summer is quickly setting in, and many things are in motion. I've been arranging another trip come September, and I'm very excited to get out into the world as often as I can. I love the feeling of being small in a big world. There is so much to be done. So many things I need to see and do myself. 

What are you excited about? What is building in your heart these days?

Is it a trip you're planning, like me? Or, maybe is it a new relationship building?

To be excited about someone is a blessing. There's a thousand ways to describe being in love, but yet it is truly indescribable in the moment, really.

It doesn't make sense, and why should it? Why should it have to be explained, or understood? It just is.

Sometimes love of a concept or an idea can be intoxicating. Have you ever found a song you've been looking for after just knowing the melody for months? Or finding a new show or reading a new book that fits what you needed so well?

I'm taking the steps to take care of my health better moving forward. "Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the scultptor" right? Alexis Carrel had the right idea there.

But there is nothing better than breaching new heights, and physicality is no different. When I take a new fitness class and it leaves me collapsed on the ground, I gain a new excitement.

If I am starting from the bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up. If this shows how far back I am, then I will see progress moving forward.

I just wish I could carry on even when I see no such progress. I need to work on discipline, instead of short bursts of motivation. 

This was quite a different blog post than my usual, but I wanted to illustrate my thoughts a little differently. Here's to us finding that song we always wanted to know.