Blog Post #8


What would you consider wasted time? Is it time spent in pursuit of something you don't really care about? Is it when your effort doesn't produce anything?

Personally I think time is wasted when you pine for something instead of putting in the time to achieve it. Thinking of road blocks to what you want instead of the steps you can take to achieve things.

You can visualize as much as you want what those successes and dreams look like, but reality is always different. Not always better or worse, just different.

I thought about how this website and my works were going to look like for years. Decades of visualizing and daydreaming of what they would look like in hand.

The reality is different, but I'm happy its that. A reality.

I think there is no higher purpose than reaching for that. Working towards that childlike wonder and giving that gift to yourself when you started to dream in the first place.

I know I am speaking from a place of tremendous privilege. I can do this because of the efforts of my family, and for that I am ever grateful. 

Any time I have invested into this pursuit has not been wasted. I don't care if anyone ever reads any of these.

They're mine. It's me.