Blog Post #4


I leave for an extended trip tomorrow, and will be taking some much needed time to unwind. The site will be revamped upon my return, and I will be able to devote more time and funds to the realization of this project. 

My workload upon return will be very full as I'm adding more to the list I wish to work on, including taking care of my physical and mental health as well as striving to bring works to fruition. 

I've worked in juvenile corrections for three years now. It can often be thankless work, but that's the nature of the beast. It's nice to be needed and to know the work has its merits. It also teaches you how to wear many hats in a job. 

I'll change the nature of these blogs as I return as well, and maybe include a travel element. I'm excited to experience more of the world as I slowly transition to this occupation.

Here's to growing together!