"Ignorance is bliss"


Fear not the lone wolf with matted fur and long in the tooth. Fear the pack and their plans. Plans are a fearful thing. With the right information and the right tactics, gods can be killed. Is there a limit to what we can know? Should some dark secrets remain buried?

War has come to the world of Utarius. The world is choosing sides, and alliances are made and broken. 

Aleksandra experiences academia, and the dark side of the pursuit of knowledge. Will she stand for her beliefs, or will she play into the 

 Zakhar travels to the new world for a trophy hunt, and witnesses the horrors of the colonies. 

Sasha survives the Sapfirian gulag, and the brief glimpses of humanity that shine in even the darkest of places.

Read more in Devil, the second book in the series "I, Sovereign" by D.B.Sinclair, coming soon!