Tyrant- Reviews

Rich Follett

"Tyrant by D. B. Sinclair, the first book in the I, Sovereign series, is an epic literary adventure worthy of comparison to Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and others among the most distinguished pantheon of fantasy authors our Western culture has produced. Fantasy lover, take note: D. B. Sinclair is a name to watch - one who will one day be universally acclaimed as both groundbreaking and important. Stock up on first editions now! Tyrant’s impeccably crafted and lavishly detailed text is accompanied by a beautifully rendered map of Sinclair’s vividly imagined world of Utarius and a tremendously useful introductory glossary of key characters, both of which make the sweeping narrative easier to follow than one might expect, given its complexity. In a world where everything and everyone is viewed as a commodity and opposing forces are on the verge of an inevitable war of attrition, three iconic characters are forced to leave their comfort zones and face their greatest fears, with the fate of their respective worlds hanging in the balance.

Vasilia/Aleksandra, daughter of the late Emperor and the rightful Princess of Drakha, must stop running from her responsibilities and return to her royal destiny. Zakhar, son of the current Emperor of Drakha, is handsome, keenly intelligent, unpredictably cruel, and deeply concerned for the future of his country and culture in the wake of decades of fighting. Genderless and enchanted Sasha must leave the solace of books and an adoptive witch mother’s home to take part in a burgeoning cataclysm neither caused nor asked for. The destinies of these fated characters intersect in breathtaking and unimagined ways, making for a page-turner that readers will not be able to easily put down. Add into the mix a host of fantasy creatures and denizens of the various empires of Utarius (representing a virtual tossed salad of world mythologies), forces of good and evil, darkness and light, and a never-ending series of plot twists and reversals, and a timeless fantasy classic unfolds. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Tyrant by D. B. Sinclair is the wisdom infused into every line. Tyrant has many lessons to teach – a powerful cautionary tale of the future of humanity for those willing to surrender themselves to its forces."

K.C. Finn

"Tyrant is a work of fiction in the fantasy, magical adventure, and suspense subgenres, and forms the opening novel of the I, Sovereign series. The work is best suited to mature adult readers owing to scenes of violence, sexual content, gore, and even cannibalism. Penned by author D. B. Sinclair, we find ourselves in a world filled with magic and mythical creatures. This becomes the unique backdrop for a tale where humanity has not only survived but has become a formidable force. The empires of Utarius thrive on a philosophy that anything can be owned, domesticated, or trained, leading to the subjugation of magical beings for various purposes. As conflict looms on an unprecedented scale, the narrative weaves together the stories of Aleksandra, a reluctant princess confronting her destiny; Zakhar, a charismatic but perilous prince preparing for war; and Sasha, an empathic changeling stepping out into a world of sorcery and gunpowder.

Author D. B. Sinclair has crafted an imaginative and fast-paced fantasy that offers an exhilarating journey into a world where magic coexists with the ruthless ambitions of empires. There are a lot of elements to take note of in this richly varied narrative, from fantasy and war to complex political intrigue, and they are well-balanced and spread out amongst the novel’s diverse characters to create a captivating narrative that explores the complexities of power, morality, and destiny. The characters are also richly developed as individuals, each with their own struggles and personal growth arcs. The combination of magic and industrialization is well-realized with great internal logic, and this adds a unique flavor to the story that’s rare to see. Overall, I would certainly recommend Tyrant as a compelling read for fans of fantasy and epic adventures that also serves as a promising introduction to an expansive and immersive new story universe."

Stephanie Chapman

"D.B. Sinclair’s Tyrant is the first book in the I, Sovereign Series, and is divided into three sections. In Mainspring, Aleksandra, Zakhar, Sasha, and Anna are introduced. Princess Aleksandra and Prince Zakhar are returning to their homes. Anna is Zakhar’s guest in Mordren. Sasha is a changeling who desires to see the world despite their adopted mother, Gelda, claiming there is nothing beyond their estate. The second part, Despair, finds Aleksandra grieving over losing control of her fire ability, which resulted in the deaths of her friends. Zakhar is reluctantly leading a campaign to garner support for his father, King Leonid. Anna has chosen to return home to Britannia. After leaving the Toy Forest, Sasha makes friends with Coryn, Hendrick, and Gideon. Finally, in Reap What Is Sown, they must confront the consequences of their actions.

D.B. Sinclair builds suspense by focusing on one character at a time. Aleksandra is portrayed as a carefree young woman who can manipulate fire. When Aleksandra loses control of her fire ability and her friends die as a result, the intense grief and depression she experiences are palpable on the page. This not only adds depth to her character but also creates a sense of suspense as I wondered if she would regain control. The friendship between Sasha and Coryn is a powerful example of the book's exploration of prejudice and judgment. Coryn, a goblin, is unfairly judged for crimes he did not commit. However, Sasha looks beyond his species and forms a meaningful connection with him. The multiple plots were easy to follow and were filled with intrigue. The exceptional details of the scenery and the characters' physical features were easy to envision. Tyrant is a fascinating fantasy filled with amazing journeys of self-discovery."

Grant Leishman

"Tyrant by D.B. Sinclair is an “epic” fantasy in the true meaning of the word. The first of a planned series, I, Sovereign, this story introduces the reader to an ensemble cast of magical creatures such as orcs, goblins, dragons, gargoyles, wyrms, and many more, some of whom will endear themselves and some who will terrify. The world has existed on a knife-edge for millennia, with conflicts limited to small proxy wars and rebellions within empires but trouble is brewing on the horizon, threatening the entire planet and all who dwell on her. On an isolated estate, Sasha, a small empath changeling, has been sheltered and protected from the evils of the world by a witch guardian but it is time for Sasha to venture out into the evil and discover just what this world has in store. Zakhar, the charismatic and driven prince of the Red Empire, must prepare himself and his people for the upcoming battle for world supremacy that surely is coming. Vasilisa, or Princess Aleksandra, the daughter of the previous Emperor of the Red Empire, has been in seclusion since the downfall of her father at the hands of the current Red Emperor, Leonid Romanov, but it is time to come out and face the past head-on. Tyrant is a riveting, enchanting read that will take the reader on a roller-coaster journey filled with powerful, magical, and mystical creatures. For true lovers of epic fantasy, author D.B. Sinclair has composed a wonderful ensemble cast of the most unexpected, strange, and even downright weird characters. I was particularly enchanted by Sasha the changeling and their place in the unfolding of events. Sasha was naïve, impossible to conjure up in the reader’s mind, and yet infinitely appealing. That a character who had been so sheltered all their life was able to not only deal with the evils of the world but was not fundamentally changed by them was what made it unique. I was impressed by the author’s ability to expertly juggle the different story arcs around the principal characters and ultimately tie them together. As the beginning tale of what promises to be an enthralling series, I was constantly amazed at the depth of detail and planning that has gone into both the world Sinclair has created and the complicated plot developments, twists and turns. I appreciated immensely the idea that of all these magical creatures, humanity was perhaps the greatest of the monsters and the most evil. This is a story that fantasy lovers will adore and promises so much for the rest of the series. I can highly recommend this read."