"A World Where Nothing Is Sacred..."


Utarius is a world diverse in culture and language, but everyone understands two things; money, and the end of a gun. The political lines are shifting, and a war larger than any other the world has ever seen is coming. 

The largest empires are drawing lines in the sand, and countless many will be lost in the conflict. Its not a question of who will win, but who is left. 

Read more in Tyrant, the first book in the series "I, Sovereign" by D.B.Sinclair, out now!

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"Tyrant has many lessons to teach – a powerful cautionary tale of the future of humanity for those willing to surrender themselves to its forces. ★★★★★"-Rich Follett, Readers' Favorite Reviewer and author

"The combination of magic and industrialization is well-realized with great internal logic, and this adds a unique flavor to the story that’s rare to see. ★★★★★" - K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite Reviewer and author

"Tyrant is a fascinating fantasy filled with amazing journeys of self-discovery. ★★★★★" - Stephanie Chapman, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

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